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NET and all the others tools, and installed.net3.5 to 4.0 and nothing works. this window appears after clicking "instalat" button, in this case : /usr/bin/node, /usr/bin/python and also a couple of others. I tried all the steps in the onyx FAQ, but nothing works. it says it's a problem version, but i cannot see any dependency that is not working to 4.0 MrOpenSource: makes sense :) can I still add desktop effects if its not working? joshua__: yes but then it will not work well joshua__: why would you want to? I have a problem with pptp connections. I installed pptpd and the eht0 interface is set to 'pppoe' but I have no connection. i've searched all around the internet but it does not work. ActionParsnip: cant understand why, I have winXP Professional and win7 Pro.. can I install this on the XP as well? MrOpenSource: you can install in the same manner in any OS ActionParsnip: really nice, I want to try win7 one day, I am downloading it right now MrOpenSource: I'd install in any system you wish, why wouldn't you? when i first boot, i get message "starting system log daemon" and i have no idea what to do. i have tried stopping it with service ssh stop, but it does not show up in services list. i can not find a log for this, and noone has answers in #ubuntu-server ActionParsnip: yeap I just think the GUI look of win7 is nicer than winXP MrOpenSource: I don't use GUI in Windows ActionParsnip: nice to know that, then I just wonder what distro is the best for people that are not tech savvy well I have an idea, but no experience in linux, do you think Ubuntu is good to learn



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Onyx Crack Dll yukiblo

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